868mhz garage door command duplicator HSM2 HSM4 868 Digital D302 382 BHS110 remote garage gate control

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868mhz garage door command duplicator HSM2 HSM4 868 Digital D302 382 BHS110 remote garage gate control

1. This remote controller is not a remote controller. You can copy remote controllers with chips such as PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, PT2240, SC2260, SC2262, CS5211, HX2260, HX2262, HS2262, EV1527, HS1527, HX1527, FP527, SMC918, etc., and check that the numbers are consistent. That’s it. Common copy objects include electric door remote control, garage door remote control, retractable door remote control, sliding door remote control, barrier remote control, rolling door remote control, remote control used in alarms, various fixed codes, and learning code remote controls .

2. Confirm before configuring the remote control, and only the original remote control can be copied in normal use. Also, be clear about the transmission frequency of the remote control

Trade shipments do not send batteries

Technical Parameters:

1. Working voltage: DC12V
2. Working current: ≤8mA
3. Working frequency: 315MHz
4. Modulation method: ASK (amplitude modulation)
5. Transmitting power: ≤100mW
6. Launch distance: 50~100m (open field)
7. Encoding type: self-copy
8. Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃
9. Uses: remote control switches, receiving modules, motorcycles, car anti-theft products, home anti-theft products, electric doors, rolling doors, windows, remote control sockets, remote control LEDs, remote control audio, remote control electric doors, remote garage doors, remote control retractable doors, remote controls Door control systems such as rolling gates, sliding doors, remote door openers, door closers, remote control curtains, alarm hosts, alarms, remote control motorcycles, remote control electric vehicles, remote control MP3, remote control lights, remote control cars, security and other civil and industrial supporting remote controls field

Specific copy method:

1. Clear code
Press the two buttons on the upper row of the remote control at the same time. After the indicator light flashes continuously, release your hand to indicate that the clearing is successful. The way to distinguish the successful removal is to press one of the four buttons on the remote control at will, and the indicator light only flashes once and then goes out.
2. Duplicate
Hold the original remote control in one hand and the copy remote control in the other hand. Keep the two remote controls as close as possible. Press the two remote control door open keys at the same time. The copy remote control indicator flashes quickly to indicate that the copy is successful, and then release you. Hands. Follow the same method in turn to copy the other three keys. (If the light does not flash during copying, you can change the position, and try to copy with the heads of the two remote controllers facing each other. In short, you can change a few more positions to try.)
3. Recovery

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